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Background On The Quad City Prayer Breakfast

The Quad Cities Prayer Breakfast is an event started by David Pautsch in 1995.  Its primary purpose is evangelism, though it also encourages the Body of Christ.  We’ve been blessed with large crowds (attendance of 1,000 to 2,600) and great speakers over the years.  Here's a roster of previous speakers:

1995-    Ambassador Alan Keyes
(U.N. Ambassador and Presidential candidate)

1996-    Mac Gober (former motorcycle gangster)

1997-    U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) and
Peter Marshall (son of former Senate Chaplain)

1998-   Elizabeth Dole
(former Red Cross President and U.S. Senator, R-NC)

1999-    Coach Steve Alford (U of New Mexico basketball coach)

2000-   Francis Frangipane (author and pastor)

2001-    Kirk Bennett (7 Thunders Prayer minister)

2002-   Dr. Pat Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network)

2003-   Erika Harold (Miss America 2003) and
Wellington Boone (author and PK speaker)

2004-   Chief Justice Roy Moore
(former Alabama Supreme Court Justice),
former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and
Ambassador Alan Keyes

2005-   Coach Dan Reeves (former NFL Head Coach)

2006-   Luis Palau (international evangelist)

2007-   Mario Murillo (international evangelist)

2008-   Meadowlark Lemon (former Harlem Globetrotter) and
"Earthquake" Kelly (past Olympic boxer)

2009-   Nicky Cruz (international evangelist) and
Guy Penrod (recording artist)

2010-   Astronaut Charlie Duke (10th man to walk on the moon )
and Steve Green (recording artist)

2011-   Mike Huckabee, Fox News TV talk show host
          Billy Ray Cyrus, Country Music Star-Actor
          Sal Giunta, Medal of Honor Recipient
          Twila Paris, Inspirational Composer/Singer
          Josh Gracin Country Star/Marine Veteran
          Sarah Darling, Country Star
          Becky Hinton, Acclaimed Midwest Singer
          Dennis Wilson, International Recording Artist
          A CALL TO REMEMBRANCE at the i Wireless Center

2012-   Ted and Gayle Haggard
           Ministers in Colorado Springs  and
           Wes Hampton (lead tenor with the Gaither Vocal Band)

2013-   Don Piper, Author of "90 Minutes In Heaven" and
          Guy Penrod (country/Gospel recording artist)

2014-   Dr. Robert Schuller
              (pastor, TV speaker, media excutive)

           Marshall Hall
              (for Gaither Vocal Band member, Willow Creek Church

2015-   Guy Penrod (country/Gospel recording artist)

           Gov. Bobby Jindal (Governor of Louisiana)

2016-    Natalie Grant & Danny Gokey (Gospel recording artists)

2017-    Carman (Music Artist and Evangelist)


Listen to this precious Gaither song for a glimpse of God's tender heart for lost people--"There Is Always A Place
At The Table."